Cake Pops | Minions

I am surprised I have not been asked to make Minion cake pops before, seeing as how popular these little guys are.  They are pretty cute! I am even somewhat embarrassed to say I have not seen any of the Despicable me movies or the new Minion movie.  I am sure I will someday, and then I will understand.

These might be my favorite cake pops I have made to date, and that is saying a lot because I have liked most of them.  They looked so much like the characters and I love cake pops with lots of details, and man did these have details.

I followed Bakerella’s directions for most of the cake pop, but made a few tweaks.

The main difference was the goggle strap.  I used black molding chocolate instead of black licorice.  Not everyone likes, well no one really likes, black licorice so I figured this would be a better choice and it did not require me to buy anything else.

I am so thankful for the opportunity to make these :)

Take a look at the final product below…




Have you guys seen the movies?  Am I completely missing out on something?  Let me know :)

DIY headboard

When I lived at home with my parents, I made this headboard.  It was perfect for that room, but it was time for a new one.

I knew when we bought our house, I wanted to make a new one to match the new decor. One that was a little more substantial and made more of a statement. The first one was really thin and I was always afraid the squares would fall off because of the way I attached them. This would be one solid piece and a focus point in the room.

The process was super easy, all we needed was:

  • Wood- we used a 4×8 piece of plywood
  • Foam
  • Fabric glue
  • Fabric
  • Staple gun and staples
  • Sharpie (any /Thick, Dark Pen)
  • Hanging kit

Bobby cut out the design I drew on the wood using a jigsaw. I just used a straight edge, a round edge (a big bowl) and a sharpie.

We used fabric glue to adhere the foam and fabric. We wanted to make sure it wouldn’t move while stapling.


IMG_3726Make sure your fabric is straight if it has a pattern or lines on it.

Ours had subtle lines as a pattern, so we wanted to make sure it was not going to be crooked when we stapled it.

We found it at Joann’s fabric and used a coupon to save a little money.IMG_3721 Once the glue had dried and the fabric wasn’t going to move, Bobby started stapling. He was careful on the curved parts to make sure it didn’t bunch up on the front.

My original plan was to add nail head trim around the edge.  We searched around and no where had the color I wanted.  (A dark gray) I was too lazy to order online, so I bought silver and spray painted them.  When it was all done, Bobby liked it better plain, plus… I didn’t want to deal with nailing it on and potentially ruining it. #lazy

We hung it using the same kit I did for the old headboard.  I had great luck with it for the first headboard.  This one is a bit heavier, but it does not seem to be an issue.

I will post a final picture when we have art on the wall and pretty pillows and bedding, but for now, here is the final product! I love it! IMG_4625I like that the pattern is subtle enough that I can still have fun patterned pillows and bedding and it won’t clash, but when you get up close it is still fun and has a little pop.

More pictures will come, one day :)

Cake Pops | Hello Kitty

I will keep this short and sweet. 

Here is my recent cake pop order :) 

For the ears, I attached white chocolate chips using candy melt. I used hearts and pearl sprinkles for the bow and then edible marker for the face and whiskers. Super easy!    
   I found the straws at Michaels for $1 and just cut them in half for the sticks. I love adding colorful sticks to cakepops.. Makes them that more fun! 

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!!  

First Car Show and BBQ of the Season

This past weekend was the first car show of the year! I wanted to have a BBQ the day before for everyone.  It was so fun. I love getting everyone together and hosting is fun.  My favorite part is planning what I am going to make. 

To go with the normal BBQ hamburgers and hotdogs, I decided to make pulled BBQ chicken sandwiches, (bought) potato salad and baked beans, made a few dips, and some simple easy to eat desserts. 

I didn’t picture the usual boring stuff, but here are the snacks/desserts.IMG_5087 IMG_5088I made mini fruit pizza cups.


  • Sugar cookie dough
  • 8 oz cream cheese
  • 1 container of cool whip
  • Fruit of your choice
  1. Spray a cupcake pan so they do not stick and then place cookie dough in, pressing against the edges. Bake as directed.  They will poof up, but then fall back down and form little cups after they come out of the oven.
  2. Fill with cream cheese/cool whip mixture
  3. Add fruit

Everyone seemed to really like them! I wasn’t fast enough so I missed out :)

I did get to eat a few of the Mini Banana Bites though. These were just large vanilla wafers, banana pudding, cool whip and a banana slice.  SO easy. Delicious.

Then there was just two 7 layer dips and an artichoke dip.

A few pictures from the night…IMG_5147 IMG_5096 IMG_5105 The car show the next day… When the boys left that morning, it was snowing, but thankfully the weather cleared up. Some parts of the day was chilly, but no snow!

This was Bora’s first time around that many cars and people.  She was shy, but did well.  Hopefully she will get used to it and can come to a few more over the summer.image3IMG_5124     I am so happy everyone was able to come out and it was a great start to the season!


String Art | Gallery Wall and Living Room Progress

Some days I forget I even have a blog :) This will be the first post showing the happenings of the last 3 months.

I have put together a small gallery wall in our front room.  One of the pieces is string art.

Our dogs name is Bora, so I wanted to incorporate that on the wall.  Every day I am becoming even more obsessed with her.  I feel like a crazy cat lady, but with my dog. This name also incorporates Bobby’s car, so I was able to get two things we love on the wall in one (Car fact of the day–he has a Jetta, and in Germany they call the Jetta….Bora).

I started gathering the items I would need:

  • wood
  • stain
  • string
  • sand paper– fine 
  • hammer
  • nails
  • name typed up in the font/size I wanted and printed

I bought the piece of wood at Home Depot.  I went in planning to get a rectangular piece of wood, but then I saw this…IMG_3443It required no work on my end besides sanding, so I grabbed it! Plus it was less than $6.

 I bought the string at Michaels–Use a coupon! They were both about $2.50.  They had thick and thin string, and a variety of colors.  
Prepping the wood:
-Sand your piece of wood-  I used a fine piece of sand paper and made
sure  there was no debris remaining before I stained.
-Stain– I grabbed an old sock and applied two layers of Minwax Dark Walnut. I allowed it to dry over night before going any further.
IMG_5139  IMG_3456
Adding the String:
– Place your paper where you want 
-I centered mine and taped it down so I could nail around the letters.
-I used 1-1/4 x 18 Wire Brad nails (pictured above) I found at Lowes for about $2. Home depot did not have as good of a selection.  They were skinny and had a small head, and I was worried the string would slip off.  This was not an issue though!
-It was pretty easy to hammer to nails in.  Some parts of the wood made it difficult, but for the most part this went pretty quickly.
-I went around the edge as well, just eyeballing it.
-I removed the paper and then started to add the string.  I tied a knot around a nail and just went nail to nail making little twist. I went around the outside first, going around two times to make it a little thicker. 
IMG_3607 2
-Then I did the same around the letters. 
-Now I could connect the letters to the outside.  Just keep going until you like the way it looks. 
I added a lot more the second night so the letters would really stand out.
-I attached a picture hanging piece to the back.
-Layed out my pictures and art until I liked the way it all looked
-HANG :) 
Ignore the big frame– I still need to print a picture for it :) It is not perfect, but I am happy with it. I also plan to paint the W (my future last name initial hahaha) I just need to decide on a color. P.S. I also know those little frames are SUPER crooked :)
The other piece that means a lot on the wall is the Euro License place.  Like I said above, Bobby has a Jetta and is really into European cars, VW in particular. For Christmas, I wanted one with our anniversary date on it, painted to match our house.  I love this and it means a lot to me.

Here is a full room shot:

Plans still for this room
-Add Curtains
-Paint the window seat a glossy white (right now there is a peel-n-stick tile that was there when we bought the house)
-Build a coffee table and end table 
-Buy accessories– Pillows, new throw blanket, coffee table decor, etc.
-Replace all the almond outlets with white ones
-Replace the Blinds with white ones to match the rest of the house 
Let me know if there are any questions in the comments below for the string art! Have you guys made string art before? Where did you put it, did it have any significant meaning for you? I would love to see them!! 

Housewarming Party and Mini Pies

This is one of those times where I wish I had taken WAY more pictures.

Our housewarming party was this past weekend and while the house is no where near done or decorated, it was great to have all our family and friends over to enjoy it with us.  We had a great time and are so thankful for everything.
For food we made:

  • Chili with cornbread and all the toppings.  (Sour cream and cheese are missing from the trays in the above picture).
  • Garlic artichoke dip
  • Veggie Tray
  • Chips and dip (also missing from the above picture)
  • Mini Blueberry and Cherry pies (How to below!)
  • Homemade pumpkin bars
  • and Caramel apple wedges

IMG_2482For the apple wedges:

I bought caramel in a container from the produce section next to the apples.  Melted it as directed, and dipped the apples. Super easy and a big hit.

For the mini pies:

  1. I bought pie filling (blueberry and cherry) and pie crust mix
  2. Prepare as directed
  3. Roll out the dough and using a cookie cutter, cut out an even number of crust pieces.
  4. Add a little bit of filling onto one piece and then add another piece of crust to the top.
  5. Using a fork, go around the edges to seal in the filling.
  6. If you fill the pieces to full, you will have a huge mess when using the fork.
  7. Bake.  Mine took about 15 minutes.  They were golden brown around the edges
  8. I stored them in a covered bowl over night and they were still nice and soft the next night for the party!


IMG_2481-1It is always great to catch up with old friends and it was a perfect night. Great weather, great food, and great people.

Again, the one thing I regret is only getting these few pictures.  Next time, I will force people to take pictures :)FullSizeRender-7




Switching Out the Doorknobs | From Brass to ORB

The first real house project is done!  It was not any big building or demo project, but it is one that made a big difference in each room.  Painting the doorknobs was a cheap and easy way to get rid of all the ugly brass knobs in the house.  I looked around on pinterest to see the best way to do this and I came up with the following process:

  1. Remove all hardware off the doors
  2. Sand them down.  I originally used ultra fine steel wool, but that did not do a great job and took more work then it was worth.  The paint chipped right off with this method.  So, Bobby got me some Scotchbrite, which was so much quicker and I barely had to apply pressure to rough up the surface.
  3. Make sure the hardware is free of dust and lay on a surface you can spray paint. I used a cardboard box.
  4. Spray paint the hardware. I used Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze with built in Primer.  They were $6.97 each and I used about three and a half cans on 10 doors.  This was with 2-3 coats.  I also coated both sides of the hinges so brass did not show on any side.
  5. After the last coat, I let them dry overnight.



IMG_2023Taking the doors down only took one person, but putting them back up is MUCH easier with two.  I was only able to get one door back on by myself.  The rest took two people, one holding the door up and another attaching the door.

The end results are exactly what I wanted.  These are downstairs.  I forget a before picture :)IMG_2222

I never got a picture of them in the sunlight  but the color is so pretty.

Here’s a picture of the upstairs before:IMG_2245

The panaroma makes for weird looking angles, but I wanted to get all the doors in one picture.

and after…IMG_2346I love it so much!

Have you guys ever ORB’d anything? How did you like it?