Halloween Costumes 2015

The last couple of years, I have added my Halloween costumes and how I made them (you can check those our here and here… Even though it is now January 2016, I am still going to share :)

This year was the first year that I have ever worn a costume to work.  I found something on pinterest about being an ice cream cone and thought… I am going to be a cupcake.

Items needed:

All I needed was a plastic clear christmas ornament, headband, red paint, hot glue gun, red ribbon, plain white shirt, skater skirt (or skirt of your choice), felt in a few colors, and scissors.


A few days before you are going to wear the costume, coat the inside of the ornament with red paint.  Just squeeze some in there, swirl around, and then leave upside down to drain out.  Repeat until fully coated and dry. If you do this the night before… paint will pour through any holes on the ornament base onto your hair… i speak from experience. Then you get to stick your head under the work sink and have a co-worker wash your hair :)

Then start by cutting your felt into small ovals for the sprinkles.

Hot Glue the sprinkles all over the top portion of your shirt.

Hot glue the ornament onto the headband and attach ribbon for cherry stem.

Once everything has dried, wear the costume!

It was a fun, easy, and appropriate costume for work.  (Not Shown: I wore leggings because it was cold, in the first picture)

Then for the weekend, I made a couples outfit.  I love making Bobby match me. I find it cute and hilarious that he hates it so much, yet still wears whatever I ask him to each year.

We met a group of friends at Top Golf, and just hung out and had a few drinks there.  I am no golfer, but it is a fun place with good food!

We went as “Netflix and Chill.”

For his costume, we painted Netflix on a red shirt and then he wore red accents.

I used blue and white for the “Chill” colors and just wrote chill on my shirt.

I loved how they turned out. So easy, and I thought it was funny, even if no one else did haha


It was a great Halloween weekend :)

Cakepops | October 2015

Since the last time I posted, I have made  A LOT of cake pops, and instead of posting them all individually… I am going to make a few monthly compilation posts :)

I hope you enjoy and as always, contact me for orders in the Denver, CO area.  I would love to help you create the perfect cake pops for any event.

IMG_0390IMG_0398IMG_0496IMG_0515IMG_0506Most were Halloween orders, so you will see multiples across the different orders.  This year, I added a few new designs: Dracula, Monsters, and a different style ghost than in the past.  I especially loved the orange and pink bucket order.  It was fun to do a little twist with the colors and make them a little girly.= IMG_0384This order was hard.. haha but they still turned out pretty cute. (the “MAC” on the lipstick, should have been vertical..ooops) IMG_0483This order was for one of my oldest, best friends.  She works at H&M, and her store added a HOME section.  So for the grand re-opening, I made these cake pops; inspired by the pillows, throw blankets, and colors from the collection.


Pumpkin Pickin

In 24 years, I had never been to a pumpkin patch. I wanted to go this year, despite feeling like it was  only for little kids and families. Do you ever just have that feeling, like you are too old for something.  I cannot wait to have kids so I can do all the fun, kiddy stuff again, and probably enjoy it more than they do.

There is a pumpkin patch about 5 minutes from our house, which was nice.  We were about to drive over an hour to a different farm, and decided to check here first. There is always a corn maze there, but we weren’t sure if there was a pumpkin patch.IMG_0238It was a pretty, sunny day and there were lots of pumpkins to choose from.  We walked around, took pictures, looked for the perfect, but not to big to carry around… pumpkin and then lastly, we waiting in line for like 30 minutes to pay. Only one person checking people out… come on!

I learned a few things this day:

  • Pumpkins are pokey and have sharp little things all over the stem
  • People with wagons are way smarter than we are
  • Do not wear boots or anything with even a small heel of any kind, or you will probably almost fall 10 times while walking on the lumpy ground
  • It was fun regardless, and I liked picking my own pumpkins from the ground and not a big cardboard bin from King Soopers

Here are a few pictures from our day…IMG_0082





And here the pumpkins are at our house…

IMG_0258 IMG_0259Have you been to a pumpkin patch before? Did it take you 24 years? I think I am going to make this a new tradition for us!

Our Newest Addition- Das

Bobby and I had been thinking about adopting another dog for a few months now.  We wanted Bora to have someone to play with, we wanted to save a dog, but I was skeptical.

I am so happy with our decision to get Das.  He is a two yr old, Blue Doberman that is from Amarillo, TX.  He was moved to Colorado a few weeks ago, and we just met him and fell in love.  Him and Bora hit it off so well.  I was worried she would be a brat, but they already love each other.



He is getting used to his new home, but I have no doubt he will be fine after a few days.  We love him!  Expect to see more of him around the blog.

Bora is One!

Bora shows up in the background on a lot of pictures.  For anyone that doesn’t know, Bora is a Red Doberman, and is Bobby and I’s first dog together.

On September 8th, she turned one! I was going to be in Nevada on Vacation on the 8th, we we celebrated the Saturday before.  She got some new toys and a dog cookie.  She was funny because she did not know what to do with the cookie since she never has any human food.  It took her forever to eat it.

We also forced her to wear a birthday crown :)



Happy Birthday Bora! I am so glad you are our puppy :)