cake pops of the past

I thought I would have my first real post be about my Cake Pops.  The most asked question I get is how do you make them?! Well, I have some Valentines Day Pops planned that I am gonna lay out every step for you.  So, for now, I am just going to bombard you with pictures of my favorites :) Feel free to ask me any questions about them.


These pops were so fun and bright! They were for a 30th Birthday and they were so fun and simple to make


These pops marked a year of making cake pops! Halloween cake pops offer so many options. The first year I made ghosts, pumpkins, and tombs. So, I wanted to mix it up for 2012. I love the Mummies and Frankensteins so much.


The inspiration for these cake pops came from I tweaked them a little bit using just the supplies I had, but they still turned out cute and were the perfect addition to a Christmas Party.


These simple cake pops are some of my favorite because they are so bright and such fun colors. They were for a customer’s babyshower and they were a hit!


The second cake pops I ever made in 2011. They took me all day to make. haha I love being festive and they were the perfect gift for neighbors and co-workers


I made these for my boyfriends 21st Birthday. They were so fun and I loved surprising him with them!


Easter! I got the inspiration from these from bakerella as well. I just changed some pieces to make them my own. Those easter baskets turned out so amazing


One of my favorite cake pops EVER! They were for a safari themed baby shower and they were so so cute. Lions, tigers, giraffes, monkeys, and zebras oh my. :)


Another babyshower job. The theme of the party was dalmatians, and the dad-to-be was a fireman. I thought the little hats were a perfect touch.

I love taking each job I get and creating something new and fun with it.  Cake pops have oddly become a large part of my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Thanks :)

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