Hi :)

My first post! I have thought about how cool it would be to have a blog for a few months now.  I have been inspired by so many successful blogs; they make it look so fun and get to share awesome projects, and I thought, I have cool stuff to share too! (at least I think so, haha)

So here is a little about me:

-My name is Courtney and I have a wonderful boyfriend named Bobby. We have been together over four years and he is the best person I know!


-I am 22 years old and am almost done with my Bachelors Degree in Human Services at Metropolitan State University of Denver!

-When I am not working, interning, or at school, I LOVE to bake and work on little DIY projects.  Hopefully, I can fill this blog with them.

-I cannot wait to move out to decorate my own place, but for now, my parents are nice enough to let me make messes all over the house! Image

There’s my family and our puppies

– I am going to try to post as much as I can on this blog and I hope you enjoy reading :)

Thank you

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