Paleo Tacos/Burritos

A few weeks ago I started the Paleo diet.  Google it for more information and tons of benefits! Basically, I cut out all grains, beans, sugar, alcohol, and dairy (with the exception of yogurt).  I do cave and cheat occasionally, but I would say I have been 90-95% Paleo each day.  I started this diet to just cut out all the crap I was eating and make healthier choices about what was going into my body.

I have paired this with moderate exercise, but nothing to crazy… and I lost FOUR pounds in a week.  There are so many other reasons I am in love with this diet/lifestyle change; the main reason is, I am eating real meals now instead of cereal and PB&J’s. Also, no counting calories, AND I can eat bacon haha.  I feel better each day and I know I am putting good things into my body which is cooler than any weight loss. (but the weight loss is awesome too) :)

Paleo tacos are easy to adapt from traditional tacos.  I just had to make my own tortillas and cut out the refried beans.  I am boring and did not eat sour cream or cheese on my tacos prior to going Paleo, so this was an easy meal for me.

Let’s start with the tortillas.  I found this recipe on Civilized Caveman Cooking Creation’s facebook

UPDATE: Here is a recipe for a softer “tortilla”


2 Cups of Almond Flour

2 Eggs

1 tsp. Olive Oil

1/2 tsp. Sea Salt


The instructions were as simple as the ingredients list:

-Put oven on 350 degrees

-Combine all ingredients into bowl



-Knead like you would bread


-Roll out to desired thickness

(I used two pieces of wax paper so the dough didn’t stick to the counter)



-Cook for 6-8 minutes depending on thickness

( I cooked them for 8, mine were a little on the thicker side)


Then I just had all the sides– the cheese and sour cream were for my family members that are not doing Paleo


and ground turkey…Image

Overall, like most Paleo replacements I have made- The texture is not like the “normal” item.  However, I still loved the taste


 (I’m gonna use this recipe for a pizza soon too!)

Leave a comment if you have any questions or if you try it out!

UPDATE: Here is a recipe for a softer “tortilla”

37 responses to “Paleo Tacos/Burritos

  1. Hi. Sorry to barge in on your blog, but I ran into it by searching for Paleo recipes. I will be starting Paleo next week and seeing people liek yourself posting their success stories gets me really motivated. Hope to drop by some other time.

      • You’re very welcome. I am now following your blog and I definitely going to be trying this recipe out next week. Mexican food is a must for me. I will be posting my meals up on my blog as well, so feel free and stop on by. :)

  2. I was just wondering, do you think if these tortillas were prepared in advance, they would freeze well? Or how long do you think they would last in the fridge? I try to make a lot of things in advance for the week ahead and these look yummy! I am missing my bread! :)

    • When I made them I just stored the extra in a bag and left them on the counter. I did prepare a lunch with them and they stored fine in the fridge as well (that was only over night though). As for freezing, I honestly don’t know, but I don’t think it would hurt them if properly stored in freezer.

  3. Are these bendable so you could actually use like a taco? Your picture looks like you’re using it more like a tostada shell. Also, if you do yogurt, just use plain yogurt instead of sour cream :)

    • They are definitely harder shells :) no bending. However, mine were not rolled very thin. The thinner they are, the more pliable they could be, especially when warm. I have used a recipe using eggs and coconut flour before and they were very soft. I cannot remember exact ingredients, but if you googled it, I’m sure you’d find it!

  4. Do you think these could be soft tortillas if cooked in a pan like a homemade tortilla instead of baked? I am thinking of trying it that way. If I do, I will post and let you know how they turn out!

  5. If you had made them thinner, do you think they would have been more like a “regular” tortilla. And would they have maybe even bend?

  6. I have asn ingredient question. I am living a happy paleo way.Now I am starting to bake simple palleo desserts for variety. I baked a basic snicker doodle cookie yesterday it had no grain, dairy or eggs. The main ingredient was the almond flour. In about 30 minutes I had an “old reaction”….I couldn’t keep my eyes open and kept falling asleep! Could I be sensitive to almond flour? Tell me it isn’t so. How do people bake without it? HELP

  7. You said that you eat yogurt. We use plain whole milk yogurt instead of sour cream. It tastes the same! My family, not paleo, can’t tell.

  8. Are they supposed to be really thick? I rolled it out to about 1/4 inch thickness and it expanded in the oven to about an inch

  9. I’ve tried these twice and I’m still having problems making these. Is your dough super sticky? How long do you knead the dough?

  10. Great recipe. I cover w kitchen towel and let the dough rest a little. I used parchment ppr and cooked the tortillas on a cast iron griddle and came out delicious. Thank you for a great recipe.

  11. I just made these and they are my new favorite! I have been missing bread and have failed at other tortilla type recipes. This one is super easy! Instead of make tostadas, I turned my cupcake pan upside down and made taco shells! I need to work on consistent thickness but other than that, they are great! I think next time I’ll try adding other spices just for added flavor.

  12. Followed it exactly and loved it. I found that after 8 minutes, my tostadas were still fragile. I added 2 more minutes to the timer and they were able to slide onto the cooling rack with no problems. I made 6 tostadas with mine. Very versatile for herbs or spices! Can’t wait to add my apricot jelly to them in the morning :)

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