Getting in the Spirit!

 I LOVE Valentine’s Day. Everything about it. The candy, the flowers, the balloons, the old valentine’s cards we used to get in elementary school, and expressing my love to the important people in my life.

This year I decided I wanted to decorate my room for the holiday, but I had no money to spend.  So, I got creative and used items I already had laying around; and I knew the perfect spot to add some cute details to my room.  A few months ago, I added some stained, notched 1×2’s to my wall for pictures.  Here’s a quick before and after.



SO much better, Right?!

It was so easy to do and made such a big difference.  The best part is, changing out pictures is so easy.

And this is how I decorated for Valentine’s Day <3

I made some heart garland by cutting out two different sized hearts from paper I already had and just taped it to some thread.  Then just taped it up.  So easy!

(I think these would also look cute in strands in front of a window too)


Oh, and to add a little more LOVE onto the wall, I painted a blank canvas I had.  I am definitely NO artist, but it added a little more pink, and red, and fun to the shelves.


I would love to hear what you guys have done to get in the spirit this Valentine’s Day!

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