Paleo Lemon Poppy Seed Waffles & Blueberry syrup

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, so finding paleo recipes of my favorites are a must!

Here’s what you will need for the waffles:

I changed a recipe I found from



1/2 Cup Almond Flour

1/3 Cup Coconut Flour

1/3 Cup melted Coconut Oil

4 eggs, whisked

2 lemons, juiced (I used only 3/4 of one lemon, I did not want my tooo lemony)

zest of a lemon

1-2 T. Raw Honey (I used one)

1/2 t. Poppy seeds (I used 1 t.)

1/2 t. Baking Soda

1/2 t. Baking Powder

pinch of salt


Combine all the wet ingredients, Combine all the dry ingredients, then mix it all together.



When the waffle maker was ready, I poured some batter (it was a pretty thick consistency) and cooked them for about 45 seconds to a minute. They cooked extremely fast on mine.


and I ended up with this :)


This recipe made four large waffles, so double for more than two people.

Now for the syrup!

What you will need:



12 Oz. Berry of your choice (I used blueberries)

1/2 C. Water

1 T. Raw Honey (optional)

Note: Since I was only making syrup for two people, I cut this recipe down and used 3 oz. berries, 1/8 C. water and just a squirt of honey.


Place your berries in a blender or food processor, and chop them up until they are in small pieces


Once chopped up (I left mine chunky on purpose), add your berries and water into a small saucepan and bring to a boil.  Make sure you stir continually or they could boil over.



When the berries and water have boiled for 5-10 minutes, add your honey, and reduce your heat to low until you are ready to serve!

I poured my syrup on top of my waffles and garnished with a few more blueberries.


Let me know what your favorite breakfast item is! I am sure there is a way to fit it into the Paleo Diet so you do not have to miss out!

Enjoy! :)

3 responses to “Paleo Lemon Poppy Seed Waffles & Blueberry syrup

  1. Jeff and I eat clean but we’ve been toying with idea of going paleo. This looks amazing and waffles are one of our favorites! Thank you for sharing!

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