Nail Polish Obsession

I do not know what it is about painting my nails, but it can calm me down and relax me from even the most stressful day.  I love painting them myself and looking at my ever-growing collection and finding a combination that fits my mood for the day.  Any one that follows me on Instagram (if you aren’t following me, click the link in the menu, and follow) :)  is probably shaking their head right now because they have seen my obsession first hand with a new post every day of my nails…

I find most of my nail polish at Ulta; I like OPI, Essie & China Glaze the best. However, if you are looking for glitter polishes, nothing beats Lush Lacquer.  They are a mother/daughter duo who create nail polish, and I am so in love with the options and quality.  Also, they have MY hand as a picture for one of the polishes.  Which is AWESOME, if you ask me


That is Tropical Kisses by Lush Lacquer, and the picture they use to advertise it in their shop :)

GO CHECK THEM OUT! The best part about them is they have cool packages.  I always buy the mini’s because you get more colors that way for such a great price.



Note: I cannot guarantee the lush lacquer colors you see in the pictures are still available… Image

I would love to do a how-to on any of the above manicures, so let me know in a comment!

(Also, I am in no way saying I am great at painting nails or nail art, it is just something I enjoy doing)

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