Ombre Heart Nails

A fellow blogger was interested in a nail tutorial for my pink ombre nails from this post.  I figured this was a great opportunity to give it a Valentine’s Day twist!


I love using bright colors on my nails, and ombre is a great way to do that without it being like a five-year-old chose out the colors and went crazy

I stuck with pinks and reds for this tutorial because Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, but I have done this with purples and blues and greens too.


White Striper Polish, OPI Dutch Tulips, Orly Basket Case & Essie French Affair, OPI base and top coat, Q-tips, a make-up sponge, and nail polish remover.

Step one: paint the colors you chose in the order you wish them to be on your nails on the make-up sponge…

ImageStep Two: Dab on your fingernail and wiggle it back and forth to cover your whole nail. I re-apply the nail polish to the sponge for each finger. It will take a few coats.  I usually do 2-3 depending on the colors.


Step Three: Clean up around the edges using a Q-tip.


Step Four: Cut out a heart from painter’s tape or whatever tape you have laying around, and when nails are completely dry, position heart on nail.


Step Five: Using a Q-tip and nail polish remover, remove the nail polish in the heart! And then pull tape off right after.  Repeat for any other nail you wish to have a heart

Step Six: I outlined mine with white polish for them to stand out better


Step Seven: Once dry, apply your top coat and you are done!

I think this is so cute and will definitely make people look twice at your nails.  I tried a little variation of this as well for the people that do not have sponges or enough colors to make this work.  I just painted all my nails a solid color than repeated steps 4 & 5, but this time I kept the tape on and used glitter polish for the heart.


ENJOY! I would love to see pictures if you duplicate this in some way!

One response to “Ombre Heart Nails

  1. I love you! This is awesome and I will help you with any questions you might have about cooking or beauty products! In the summer, I always painted my toenails to match my fingernails! Rhinestones and all! :-)

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