Paleo Pancakes

I remember almost every weekend when I was little, there was usually some sort of delicious breakfast made on the weekends. It was usually pancakes, french toast, hash browns and eggs, or cinnamon rolls! I miss that! (hint, hint mom and dad) :D

And since I have been making the dinners the past few weeks, I have slipped in a few breakfast items here and there, just for fun. ย These paleo pancakes are yummy and so easy to make with only four ingredients. ย I love simple!

What you will need:



3 Bananas

3 Eggs

1/2 C Nut Butter (I used almond butter)

2 t. Cinnamon


Mix Everything together



Use a Skillet or Griddle, set to 350 Degrees, and pour batter


Then cook like normal pancakes! Like the waffles,ย these cooked quicker than normal pancakes, so keep a close eye on them

This recipe made 10, 4-5 inch pancakes




I used the same syrup recipe as I did here

ALSO, check out this newer version of the pancakes, here

10 responses to “Paleo Pancakes

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    • If the batter is really runny, making them flat add some almond flour or even more almond butter to thicken it up a bit, even more banana could help. I hope that works!

      And mine were pretty thin too, i don’t know if the picture shows how thin they really were! :)

  2. you could try some baking powder to help boost your rise. start with a tsp and see if that helps. :)

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