Valentine’s Day Cake Pops

Here it is… The post I promised with a how-to for cake pops. Like I said in this post, “how do you make them?” is the number one question I am asked.  “Is it easy?” closely follows.  My favorite is “Can you make me some?” :) (If interested, email me at  My favorite part about making cake pops is seeing people enjoy them. I hope this break down will allow you to easily make cake pops of your own!

I also wanted to start this post with my Valentine’s Day cake pops from last year.

Image I thought I would get creative with these and fill them with maraschino cherries.  Now, while it did taste delicious, (kind of like a chocolate covered cherry) it was hard to do! The pops had to be big for the cherry to fit, but then most would fall of the stick. SO, if anyone makes these, a cake ball (without the stick) would be a great option.


Here is one, where the final product matched the vision in my head! Delicious

Now for the good stuff:

What you will need:



Cake Mix, Icing, Ingredients for cake, Candy Melts, Cake Pop Sticks (these were special valentine’s straws I used as sticks), Sprinkles, cookie cutter (if you want), and Foam Board.  The candy melt, sticks, and foam board are all from Michaels.


Step One: Bake the cake as directed on the box.  Any flavor you like will work great.  I used milk chocolate.


Step Two: Let the cake cool.  You can speed up the process by putting it in the fridge.  Once it is cool enough to touch, crumble the cake into small pieces.  I just use my hands to do this, but you can also use a food processor.


Step Three: Put a few heaping spoonfuls of chosen icing into cake crumbs, and mix together.  Again, I just use my hands.



Step Four: This is when you form the cake into whatever shape you want.  This part is really important because if the balls are not dense enough the sticks are more likely to fall out in the dipping process, so pack them together well.  I lay them on a cookie sheet with wax paper once formed.

ImageFor the hearts, I used a cookie cutter


Step Five: Put the sticks into the cake pop.  You will need to melt some candy melt, just a few pieces, & dip the stick in the candy melt.  Then insert 1/4-1/2 inch into cake pop, the candy melt will ooze out a little bit.


Step Six: I freeze mine for at least 20 minutes for the candy melt to set. Then they are ready to dip.  I use easter egg dying cups that we have had for years, but anything around the same size will work.  Also, have any sprinkles you want to use ready because the candy melt hardens pretty quick.  Once pop is coated in candy melt, I hold the pop upside down and lightly use a knife to tap on the stick to get rid of excess.  Then I will use my sprinkles.

ImageStep Seven: Put the cake pop into your foam board.  I keep mine in the fridge to help the candy melt harden.  Once you have covered all your cake pops you will end up with something like this… I usually get around 32-35 cake pops per cake.



I love the detail in the straws and how much it adds to the simple cake pop. So cute!

And to give as a gift, throw a few in a cute little bucket…

photo 3-1

Please send me pictures of your Valentine’s Day cake pops in the comments! I would love to see them. Also, I would love to answer any questions you might have!

Enjoy :)

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