ALMOST Paleo Cherry/Chocolate Waffles

These waffles are ALMOST Paleo because I did add chocolate chips to them, however they were dark chocolate chips, so I am not totally cheating. Also, as I was eating them, I actually preferred the bites without chocolate chips, so I picked them out. :p

In the end, for me, they were Paleo Waffles, and they were delicious. Even my mom liked them, and she is totally not on the Paleo bandwagon. Recipe from via Pinterest.



2 C. Cherries

2 Bananas

2 C. Almond Butter

2 T. Arrowroot powder (I didn’t have this, so I was a rebel and skipped it, they turned out fine without it)

2 T. Vanilla Extract

4 Eggs

1 C. Dark Chocolate

(Note: I halved this recipe, and my version made 6, 5 Inch Waffles)


Step One: Pit cherries. I just cut them up and popped out the seed. I am sure there are better ways to do this, but I like making a mess :)

Step Two: Mix the banana and cherries in a blender/food processor/whatever you want, until smoothImageImageStep Three: Add the remaining ingredients, except the chocolate (almond butter, eggs, and vanilla) and blend until smooth.

ImageStep Four: I hand mixed in the chocolate and then the batter is ready to cook.  Have a waffle maker (or skillet if you prefer pancakes) ready.

ImageThese took longer than I expected to cook, so be patient.

ImageI topped with cherries and pure maple syrup!


Try my Lemon Poppy Seed Waffles too!

Thank you

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