Dresser- 5 Shades of Gray

When I was thinking of what else I could do to my room, I knew I had to re-do my dresser. I have had this baby since I was a baby. Seriously, I do not know how it is still in one piece.

I am a slacker :) and do not have a before photo of my dresser, so I will show you my sisters, just so you can get an idea of the handles and the craziness I had before. Now, this dresser has been many colors, but before this last makeover, I had three different colors on it (purple, green, and orange) and I had attempted to cover it with white. However, I was lazy and got bored so I stopped at just the body and faces of the dresser. This left the bottom 4″ still orange and the sides of the drawers purple and green. Did I mention, I lived with it like that for at least 4 years. Eww. Alright, now that I am done with that visual, here you go. My sisters…Image

Alright, so I am obsessed with younghouselove.com, and they came out with a book full of designs and ideas. One of them was an ombre dresser. I loved the look of it and decided to copy them :) I went to Home Depot and picked out a few shades of Gray (5) and bought a sample size of each.


I really wish I had kept pictures of me stripping and refinishing the dresser, but I didn’t. Imagine a crazy mess full of sawdust, orange gooey stuff, and drawers everywhere. I used some paint stripper we had at the house and went to town. I brushed the stripper on according the the instructions, and let it sit until it started bubbling. Then, I scraped off what I could; some came off really easy, and some would not budge (I sanded it off in that case).

Once it was clean of all the old layers of paint, I sanded everything and then painted each drawer a different shade of gray.

ImageIt took me two coats of each color to get full coverage.

I decided to cover the rest of the dresser in the lightest of the grays.


Sorry for the awful pictures, the dresser is in a bad spot in my room and the lighting is weird

I found the drawer pulls at Hobby Lobby during a 50% off sale. I am not in love with them, but I wanted clear and this was all I could find. That is an easy change though, if I ever find something better

What have you guys re-done recently?!

2 responses to “Dresser- 5 Shades of Gray

  1. You did a very nice job there Courtney! I hope you had help sanding? Bobby is pretty good at that lol!!! Looks real good tho! Now clean your room and take a finished pic of all the cool stuff you’ve done!!!

Thank you

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