Paleo Snickerdoodles

I love cookies, any cookie… I will eat way to many and then feel guilty about it after (well kind of guilty :p)

Here is a cookie, I do not have to feel bad about eating.  This grain free, dairy free, egg free, gluten free snickerdoodle was so delicious and soft. The recipe made 15 cookies, and it was so quick and fast.  Recipe from: Urbanposer 


Image2 C. Almond Flour

1/8 t. Sea Salt

1/4 t. baking soda

4-5 T. Coconut oil, melted

1/4 C. Organic honey

1 T. Vanilla Extract

For Coating:

2-3 T. Coconut crystals-I did not have this, so I just left it out.  It is taking the place of the sugar, so I will try to find it next time just for a little more flavor and sweetness. Honestly though, it was good without it, just did not look as pretty

2-3 T. Cinnamon


1. Mix all the dry ingredients, then mix in the wet ingredients.


2. Using a small spoon, take 1″ round balls of dough and roll them in coating.


3. Place on cooking sheet, and flatten. I used the bottom of a cup.  Bake at 350 Degrees for 7-8 minutes.  Allow to cool on pan, they will firm up to the perfect texture.

ImageImageImagephoto 5-3 2

37 responses to “Paleo Snickerdoodles

  1. Reblogged this on Courtney's Pin Blog and commented:
    Ok my first blog! How exciting! These turned out amazing!!! I’m switching to a mostly paleo diet and it’s not easy!! These are going to make it a bit easier! If you follow her recipe, your cookies will turn out amazing! I did without the coconut crystals as well and I gotta say… They don’t need it!

    • I’m going to try these today but use Stevia instead of the honey. I’m doing Jorge Cruise’s 100 diet and honey is not on the “free” list. Great recipe!

  2. Great recipe, thanks for sharing! I tried these last night and they tasted pretty good. But my dough turned out pretty wet, like I had way too much liquid (I used 4 TBS coconut oil). It was solid enough to roll into balls but with lots of excess liquid. This was my first paleo cookie experiment so I’m not sure if the dough is normally more liquidy or if it is supposed to have the consistency of regular cookie dough. Anyone else have this problem? I guess I’ll try to add a little more almond flour and a little less coconut oil or vanilla next time.

  3. I whipped these up today b/c I had all the ingredients in my cupboard. Not bad. Been gf/cf for 5 yrs now and vegan in there also. Looking at going Paleo to balance out my leaky gut. Unfortunately, they crumbled when first out of the oven (and that’s when my kids usually dig in). Next time, I’ll add an egg or chia seeds for some stickiness. Once set, though, they are very good. Thanks for the recipe!

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  6. After losing 30 lbs. (no sugar no starch) I looked into a more Paleo diet.I love cookies
    as well & our family really enjoys this recipe on occasion. Such a good flavor with the
    coconut oil. Thanks!

  7. Made these today. Didn’t have the almond flour, so instead I used fine ground almonds and they turned out soooooo yummy. Thanks for the awesome recipe :)

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  12. I was put on the SCD diet for medical reasons and was having a very hard time adjusting to not having anything sweet. These little cookies saved me! They are easy to make, completely legal, and delicious. I make a batch every week and have one every night with my tea. They truly helped me stay true to my diet and hopefully will help in my healing. Everyone I share them with marvels that I can have them on my very strict diet and often end up making them for themselves even without any dietary restrictions. Thank you so much for the recipe!!!

  13. OMG!!! These were incredible!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you, the whole family LOVED them!!! I think I might try with a little less honey next time and maybe supplement with a bit of stevia?

  14. OMG!!! Where have these been all my life??!!! I have an obsession with cinnamon. These cookies are the perfect treat. I am in love. Thank you!!!

  15. Hi! So first of all, I had to resist not eating the whole batch when me and my mom made these (I’m a teen, so finding sweets without sugar is always a plus!!) and had a quick question! How many calories are in each cookie? Do you know? Thank you for the awesome recipe, it’s a keeper that’s for sure!!! After losing 16 pounds, finding recipes like these reminds me that you can still enjoy food! Thank you!

  16. Great recipe!! Thank you! ! This is actually the dough base I use for all my paleo cookies! Totally forgot about the snickerdoodles :-)

    • You could. That will change the flavor quite a bit. Be careful, it’ll also change the consistency, since coconut flour absorbs liquid differently. I’d love to hear how they come out if you give it a try :)

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  19. I just made a pan of these & YUM!! l used a touch more than an 1/8tsp salt lol & a couple spoons of almond butter bc i was couple tbs short of having 2c. of almond flour & it worked great but i only used 4tbs coconut oil. This is our new snicker doodle recipe from here on out & it literally just takes a few minutes to make ;) <3 & ty for sharing

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