Cheetah Nails Tutorial

I’m getting a pedicure today, so I figured it’d be a good day to post a nail tutorial!

Wanna get this look?!ImageHere is how:

ImageStep One: After you have applied a base color of your choice, and it has dried, take another color (dark blue in how to) and place dots randomly on fingernail.

Step Two: If you would like, use another color as an accent. (Light blue in how-to)

Step Three: Using a nail pen, nail striper, toothpick, dotting tool, (whatever you have) add the black around the colored circles. You can put it around every circle or just a few. That is up to you

Step Four: Add “c” shapes and a few dots around the edges of the colors using the same color nail pen, striper, etc. you used.

Step Five: Once is has all dried, cover with a top coat!

There are many variations to the cheetah/leopard nail, so I would suggest experimenting with what you have and seeing what you think looks best!

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