Fish…. Never again

I have never liked fish. I hate the smell, the texture, the look, the bones, everything.  SO, I do not know what got into me this week when I decided to try it out again.  Maybe the health benefits were clouding my judgement… however, I definitely still hate it! HAHA :)

I asked my Dad what kind he thought I would like best, and he suggested Tilapia (it was’t until after eating it tonight he said “i don’t know why I suggested this… next time lets get salmon and grill it) TOO LATE! Never again…

Anyway, I documented the “recipe” ( I just threw stuff on it and broiled it) so I might as well share it for you fish lovers out there :)





Salt and Pepper


Olive Oil



1. I put the fish on tin foil and then covered it in the spices, then drizzled olive oil, then put chopped garlic on top.

2. I broiled on low for about 10 minutes, then squeezed lemon on top before serving

Hopefully you enjoy it more than I did :p

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