Bachelorette Party Fun

A good friend of mine is getting married next FRIDAY! So soon, and I am so happy for her.  This couple deserves the best and I hope them all the happiness in California!

I was invited to her surprise (short notice) bachelorette party.  When I arrived, I would have never guessed it was planned in less than a week.  The friends of the bride did an AMAZING job with food and dessert.  I had a lot of fun, and was very happy to be a part of such a fun surprise!

The bride thought she was just coming for a casual dinner, when really… it was her surprise bachelorette party!  While this wasn’t a “typical” bachelorette party we still had a great time; good drinks, good games, and great company.  I was glad to meet some new girls, and they were so nice and sweet to me!

As a last minute gift, I grabbed the brides favorite wine and decided to decorate it in the colors of her wedding and bouquet.  I also made a cup to go with :)

Here we go:

Items I used: glitter, mod podge, alcohol bottle, paint brush, glue, rhinestones, ribbon, sharpie, wine glass (or any glass you prefer)

ImageI printed out the word bride in a font I liked and taped it to the inside, for a guide

ImageI used sticky back rhinestones, so I did not have to use glue for this.  That saved me SO much time, and they stuck surprisingly well.  They would not make it through a dish washer, but you still have a wine glass to use after.

Image And here is the final result…

ImageI wrapped some ribbon around the base and covered the bottom rim in more rhinestones as well.

The bottle was very easy to make, but I forgot to take pictures of every step… basically you:

1) paint the bottle, I used acrylic paint.  It took me three coats of the dark purple

2) Once the paint is dry, I mixed my glitter with mod podge and painted it on

3) Decorate however you would like.  I used ribbon, rhinestones (not sticky back-so those were super glued on) and some little flowers.  I made sure to save a space in the middle for us to sign…

Image After we finished the bottle, we let it dry out and then each girl wrote a note to place in the bottle.  On the couple’s year anniversary, they can open the bottle and read them :)

Here is how we emptied the bottle…

Moscato, 7-up, and raspberries… YUMMY

ImageAnd here we all are


One response to “Bachelorette Party Fun

  1. Courtney,

    I didn’t even know you posted this until Chelsea told me about it as if Facebook would let me I would LOVE it,not just like it!! :) I’m going to keep my bride wine glass and wine bottle forever! It will always remind me of the amazing night I had with the best friends I could ask for!! I really think you should be doing this kind of stuff for your career but at least do it on the side :) you’re so good at all of it!! Thank you so much again, it meant the world to me that you were there!! Love you Courtney!! :)

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