Help me Decide :) Turning a dresser into a Tv-Stand

Hello Everyone!  I have been an awful blogger the last few months.  School, work, internship, and well…pure laziness got in the way.  However, I am so happy to show you all a new project I am working on now that the weather is sunny and perfect and I can drag this thing outside to work on it (after a winter of it being stuck in my parents front room gathering junk)  My mother is so glad it will be gone soon :)

I was on Pinterest one day, and came upon some dresser turned Tv-stands… here, here, and here for a few examples.  I started to search craigslist for a cheap dresser and I found this one for only $25!

ImageThere are a few problems with it, but nothing I cannot fix. It came with ugly hardware (some fell off), but I will be filling the existing pull holes and drilling center holes for knobs.

So far:

I have cleaned it up, taken it apart

ImageStarted to strip the existing paint (Only two layers, thankfully)


I do know, I will be removing the top row of drawers and making that an open shelf for electronic stuff.

I also know the base will be peach…

I want to do something creative with the top and have several different options..SO FAR

Number 1) from Sarah M. Dorsey Designs

ImageI am (im)patiently waiting for her to reveal the how-to.  She and her husband created this from branches… Talk about hard work, but I am so in love with this.  Sadly, I will probably not be able to do this because we are lacking proper tools and neither me or my boyfriend (helper) have the patience.  I’m making it an option because a girl can dream…?!

Number 2) a stencil from 


I will be making my own stencil though, or attempting too.  If I do this option, I need help deciding which colors to use with the peach base color (For some reason, I am leaning towards lilac, gold, mint, or coral.  HELP)

Number 3) from VintageRevivals


A much simpler herringbone pattern.. Still need help with colors..

Side note: I am also obsessed with the chandelier!

Please leave me comments with opinions, or anything! I am not 100% set on the herringbone, so any advice is welcome.  Also, the paint stripper we have is awful and slow, so I would love suggestions on what you guys use!

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