Dresser turned Tv-Stand | Update

So, I am loving summer here in Colorado. The weather is amazing, and I just feel so happy and blessed with everything in my life right now!

I am able to work on my projects, see friends, and not worry about school (that last one might be the best) sorry everyone :p

Anyway, I have been able to do a few things to the dresser

  • decided on a pattern for the top and made the stencil
  • decided on my colors
  • stripped and/or sanded the whole thing
  • filled the original pull handle holes and bought new knobs
  • fixed a few imperfections
  • primed it
  • bought paint :) and will be painting soon :)

ImageSorry for the bad IPhone picture… I drew the pattern on a piece of paper, and then cut it out on a transparency. messagepart-1

They look more orange here than they are in person. Imagine more on the coral/pink side of things

I found the peachyish colors I wanted and I decided bright green knobs would be a good addition?!?! Still deciding on that one. It was just a fun little touch.
I fixed this big crack where the top was coming off. I used wood glue and clamped it down. All fixed
One can of Primer covered the whole thing
Right now I have a primed dresser all over my garage. I was planning on painting the base today, but I planted flowers instead. It was a great day :)
Hope everyone else enjoyed their weekend!

Thank you

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