Our Family Vacation- Grand Cayman 2013

This will be a LONG post, full of pictures! I am already in need of another vacation! :) Looking at this pictures does not help :P I cannot thank my parents enough for this experience! It was so fun and I loved every minute of it…

Besides spending the night in the Charlotte airport (way outside our original plan), I wouldn’t change anything about the trip.  We missed our connecting flight in Houston due to weather and had to be put on stand-by for two flights.  There was lots of waiting and hungry, grumpy people :) We landed in Charlotte around 10 PM.. at this point we should have been on the beach, watching a sunset.  We left Saturday morning and made it to Grand Cayman around 1 PM.

ImageImage We spent the first day lounging around our hotel, and playing in the water.  The water was so warm! It was perfect.

The next day we saw birds, dolphins, turtles and ate at the coolest place.

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageThat last picture was the view from the restaraunt.  A few days later we went back and snorkeled there.  It was awesome!!! SO clear, blue, and lots of cool fishies! Here is Bobby snorkeling there…
Here I am about to snorkel for the first time in the ocean.. Snorkeling made me sick EVERY SINGLE TIME! ImageImage
We also stopped at this really cool place along the South coastline
ImageImageBobby was trying to take a picture and got soaked by one :)
The next day a whole lot of this happened…
ImageAnd some environmental workers who check out turtle nests came by and let us check out some eggs.  The nest was 20 feet in front of our hotel..
ImageImageMy dad went on a few dives with a tour. While we were looking at eggs, he saw this….ImageThe next day we went to 7 Mile Beach on the West side of the Island to do some shopping and we ate at Margaritaville .  On the drive, we stopped at another cute spot along the southern coast. <3 Lover’s Wall
ImageImageImageAttempted to go parasailing… They were closed because there was no cruise ship that day :( but the beach was awesome…
Ended the day with a nice sunset…
ImageThe next day we went to Starfish Point after much searching… I expected to find more, but we saw maybe 5-6
ImageImageImageAnd our final real day we did what I thought was the highlight of the trip… It was scary and fun. Stingrays, wild stingrays. We went out on a tour to a sandbar where these guys come everyday to be fed by hundreds of tourists.  We went out early and left right when the huge boats full of people arrived.  We had these guys all to ourselves.  I would say there were about 20 total… The spot was awesome. Then we did some snorkeling after at a ship wreck.
Once we got back to the hotel, Bobby broke open a few coconuts, like boys will do haha
 I wouldn’t of minded staying a few more days… but it was nice to be back home too
 Can’t wait for the next trip :)

8 responses to “Our Family Vacation- Grand Cayman 2013

  1. Wow a pretty fresh and good post! It appears you guys had a great time there. I am a food lover and I would love to visit some good places to eat, I would love to visit Rum Point for sure, and I would love to find some of the best Cayman cigars there.

  2. So glad you enjoyed Grand Cayman! It’s been way too many years since I’ve been there … Gotta fix that soon! Did you scuba dive with your dad any?? (I’m an instructor and I LOVE diving!!)

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