Simple Herringbone Stencil

Guys, I finally was able to finish stenciling the top of my tv-stand!!
I started with my hand-made stencil right in the middle of the dresser and taped it down using painter’s tape.

I was very lucky and the stencil fits perfectly right next to each other and covers the whole top.

I used a foam brush for the first coat, then took off the stencil and used a paintbrush for the second coat. I thought the brush would have a better finish, but I will have to go back and fix a few spots because of it. Next time I will use the foam brush for the whole thing, or a larger paint brush. Opinions?!

To speed things up I had a paint stir stick up against the open side of the stencil instead of tape.





Now I just am working on little touch-ups! I love the way it turned out and love the fact that it was FREE!

Let me know if you want a more detailed post for making a stencil :)

Is there something you have been dying to stencil?

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