The Color Run!

This weekend, I ran/walked my first 5k. I was expecting to be so outta shape that I would walk almost the whole time, but my friends and I ran more than we expected and one of my friends won!

Here is a before shot:

messagepart-4 11-47-30

ImageFor those of you who have never heard of the Color Run; you run/walk a 5k, (mine was) and there are stations throughout where volunteers throw color at you. There was a blue, orange, yellow, and pink station and then green and purple water was shot at us. Here is the yellow station, and my friend and I :) I knew running with a backpack sucked… I did it anyway :/ (or I thought the half off the shoulder look was cute?!? Who knows :p) Imageand a little video…

We finished in around 35-40 minutes. We didn’t time ourselves, but that sounds right. And the after race shot:ImageWe really got covered in the end when everyone threw up the colored chalk.

ImageImageMuch messier!


I highly recommend going if one comes through a town close to you. There are so many similar runs that it shouldn’t be hard.

What other 5k’s do you recommend?!?! We are looking to do a few more this summer.

Thank you

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