Dresser to TV-Stand | progress

The last weekend I was busy watching this handsome fella

And well, I didn’t get anything done on the dresser. I would take watching a puppy over polying/touching up a piece of furniture anyday..

However, now my puppy sitting duties are over and I have finally finished up all the touch-ups on the stencil!

It’s time to put two coats of polyurethane on the whole piece. Here’s what I am using


I went with semi-gloss because I want it shiny but not so glossy I can see every finger print, piece of dirt and dust, reflection of the dirty floor off of it… You get the idea.

messagepart-2Glossy Goodness

After the first coat, I let it dry completely (3-4 hours) and the next day I did another coat
Here is one coat:

messagepart-3still wet

photo 2Next Day

Second Coat:

photo 3photo 1-1

It is hard to see any difference between coats in the pictures, but it was worth doing two. The piece is so shiny and looks awesome in person.

Now I get to focus on the inside. I’m sure you have all noticed the red paint on the inside of the top shelf. I decided to add a pop of red on the inside where the DVD player, cable box, etc. will go. I still need to figure out how to flatten out the shelf though..
My choices:
1) somehow fit a sheet (pieces of a sheet of wood) into the spaces.
2) remove the pieces of wood that the drawer slid onto
3) hide it with molding at the front
4) just paint it all red and leave it

What would you guys do?! I am leaning towards #1

2 responses to “Dresser to TV-Stand | progress

  1. I think since there are already pretty nice looking supports for the drawers, get a piece of laminate (comes in a ROLL) that is cut to your exact measurements!!!! paint it, unroll it and put a nice, small trim piece on the front! Don’t forget the holes in the back for the cables of your tv equipment :-)

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