I was a wedding coordinator and I liked it

Yes, that was a poor Katy Perry reference… But I had an awesome weekend and I felt like I was in my element.

So, my friend Amanda suggested me to the bride Chelsea because they needed help to make sure things ran smoothly while they were getting ready and during the ceremony. I was nervous to help because I had never done anything formal like this, but I felt qualified and confident by the end of the night… Hire me :) hahaha

First, they had a gorgeous location in Sedalia. When I arrived there was a little bit of rain, but it was nicer than the 105 degree weather we had been having, and it was gone in time for the ceremony!


This is where the reception was held, and I got there before the horses were put in the stables and I was able to see this little guy or girl?! Haha

I have no clue how old it was, but he or she was tiny compared to his mama!

At this time, I was waiting for the arrival of flowers and cakes. Flowers are one of my favorite parts in a wedding, and theirs were so pretty!20130630-155246.jpg



Love love love.
I kept sneaking around to see them taking pictures, another favorite part of a wedding! Here are the girls trying to fight the wind for some pictures!

20130630-155508.jpgBut of course, they all still looked great!! I wish I had gotten a close up of their hair!!

The skies were clearing up and the winds started to die down so I was able to start decorating the tables. This was the job I was most excited for the whole day. I just love little details. I was so busy, I wish I had been able to take more pictures.20130630-160033.jpg


photo 5-4


20130630-160148.jpgThis was the gift table.. It also had the best guest book; it was full of pictures of them with spaces for guests to sign. And then they had customized notecards for advice and a cute little box to put them in.

Before guests showed up we had this amazing view for the ceremony.20130630-204932.jpgNow with guests, but most importantly…the perfect, and so in love couple.20130630-205054.jpgOnce the ceremony was over all the guests filled the tent… Quick!20130630-205327.jpgEveryone had a great time! The food was yummy! And the bundt cakes were delicious! Chelsea, if you’re reading this I want that bakers number!20130630-205448.jpg

I love this picture of family and wedding parties, wraps up the whole day perfectly!20130630-205706.jpgI had an amazing time working this wedding and I truly hope to get another opportunity to do something like this again! Thanks again guys and congratulations!!!

6 responses to “I was a wedding coordinator and I liked it

  1. You did an awesome job! It wouldn’t have gone so smoothly without you! I agree with Amanda about a career! I have friends getting married in the next year or so and I’ll send them your way if you want!

  2. FYI the bundt cakes from from a lady name Pam and she owns two shops in Castle Pines and Greenwood Village called The Bundt Shoppe :)

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