And the winner is…

1 & 2!! Making that old row of drawers a shelf for our electronics is one of the last things I need to do before a final reveal! It’s almost done, I cannot wait to see it all come together!

I found a piece of wood in my garage that would be perfect for the shelf of the Tv-stand


My dad cut it out for me! (Thanks dad!!)
I measured each piece to be about 1/4″ shorter to easily slide in. I could have also made them larger and slid it in at a diagonal. Either way, they fit.

IMG_0350I will be covering these in poly as well to keep it protected.

Next, the drawer slides had to go! They were screwed in at the front and back and once removed the pieces just popped off with some of Bobby’s strength.

photo 1I was worried they were going to leave a nasty mess once removed but that was not the case, and since the shelf pieces are covering where they were, you cannot even see the not-painted spots I was to lazy to fix.
IMG_0333I just needed to finish painting the inside of the area so that I could not see any of the wood
And its done!
IMG_0346Once it is filled with electronics and other decorative pieces, I hope you will not be able to see any gap between the boards, and even if I can I do not mind because this route was free to me! :) Free always wins.

Thank you

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