Flowers in a vase | a simple addition to make flowers pop

I hope everyone had a great 4th! Bobby surprised me with some mini fireworks when I got off work, so we lit those off and played with sparklers and then sat outside and attempted to watch some big fireworks. He really is the best.

ImageAnyway, back to the post. All the flowers in our yard are in full bloom and I wanted to take advantage of it! I have never picked any of our flowers to bring inside before, and recently all I have been seeing on other blogs are beautiful flowers in pretty vases in pretty, gorgeous rooms.. SO I thought lets do it! (Minus the gorgeous spaces)

If you follow me on instagram, you have already seen these, but I am in LOVE.

ImageI have no clue what made me think, “Hey lets add some limes.” Probably because they were gonna go bad soon and I did not want to waste them completely. They started fading after about 4 days and looked more like sickly yellow, but the flowers were still going strong.
and another one… just because
ImageSurprisingly, the fruit didn’t kill the flowers; I expected to come down the next day to wilted flowers all over the counter. I was even more surprised the buds on the first set of flowers just kept blooming.
And they look great on top of my new Tv-stand… Now if I just had somewhere to put it :)
I am thinking my room needs a makeover

Thank you

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