Cake pops | pineapple upside down

This weekend will be full of cake pops! Here’s the first, and the easiest for the weekend!

Pineapple upside down cake, in cake pop form.
1) bake a yellow cake and put pineapple in it (the more the better)
2) let cool, add icing (vanilla pudding powder in plain icing), shape into balls, add sticks and freeze.
3) melt the color of your choosing for dipping. Yellow just made sense to me.
4) I already had the toppers made so I could add them while candy melt was still wet.
5) dip and decorate
6) EAT!





This post has a more detailed how-to!

4 responses to “Cake pops | pineapple upside down

  1. How much icing did you end up using for these cake pops? I’m going to try making a variation of these this weekend, but can’t imagine they would need a lot with the moisture from the pineapple… They look delicious! (:

    • Thanks! You know, I used about the same amount of icing as I usually do. About 1/3 of a store bought icing. I recommend baking your cake and seeing what it’s texture/moisture is like, and then deciding if you think it needs more or less. I hope they turn out great!

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