Cake pops | beach and ocean

Here are the cake pops that took up the rest of my weekend. 10 hours to be exact :/ but looking at them done makes it worth it.

I had two orders, both beach/ocean theme. I was so excited to have an order that took detail and was not just sprinkles. These kind are the most fun to make, even if they take hours :))

First: for a birthday


Octopus, whales, beach balls

Second order: bake sale



Coconut, sandy beach with umbrella, crab, blowfish, octopus, beach ball, and suns
The blow fish were my favorite


Candy melt cut up for fins, heart sprinkle for mouth
Crabs were a close second

Red sprinkles, mini Swedish fish, pearl sprinkles

What did you guys do this weekend?


Check out the pops I made earlier this week here

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