Before and After | Dresser turned Tv-stand

Well, it has no home, but I wanted to see what it looked like all dressed up!
I dragged my tv downstairs and set up some temporary (temporary as in just for the pictures) decorations. I left the DVD player and all the rest upstairs, but pretend they are there :)




I want something with some height, but for now I am just glad it’s done.

I want to move some things in my room around to make it fit, hopefully this weekend.





I did buy new knobs too! I just have not put them on yet. They are just crystal ones from Home Depot. About $4 each.

Have any of you done anything crazy lately, like unplug your TV without breaking anything and carrying it all the way downstairs just for a few pictures?!?! Seriously, guys, I am one wild girl…

Check out the process here, here, here, here, & here

Update: here are the new knobs, much better!


Benny wanted me to feed him… And would not move :)

2 responses to “Before and After | Dresser turned Tv-stand

  1. Oh Courtney, that last comment cracked me up. I love the creativity, just don’t kill yourself, please :)

Thank you

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