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Hi everyone! I think a lot of people start blogs for fun, but then wonder what more can I do with this?! I am no exception. I seriously talk non-stop to bobby about how awesome it would be to be one of those bloggers that stay-at-home and just blog for a living….and a good living. Don’t believe me? Check out this couple! W.O.W.

I couldn’t even imagine being where they, but I’m a dreamer and a girl with a plan! Very slowly I want to start being able to make this blog a very large part of my life (I won’t be quitting my day job or anything, especially anytime soon, but I want to be able to have full control), and to do that I needed to go out on my own..

I now have my own .com!! No longer do you have to type.wordpress.com…. Nope, just good ole’ courtneyscraftinandcookin.com :)

It is kinda lame, but exciting at the same time. I have a lot in mind for posts and heading back towards more recipes, both paleo and non-paleo.
However, I have realized the DIYer in me LOVES projects. I NEED MY OWN HOUSE ALREADY! :) anyway, I hope you all can enjoy the numerous types of posts, and comment and like and follow away :)

I can’t wait to customize this site and make it my own. Hopefully you will all come along.

I just wanted to link a few bloggers I love and who are total inspirations.
Young house love
Bower power blog
Sawdust and embryos
Sarah m. Dorsey designs
And so many more!
Recommendations?! Send em my way!

Thanks for reading what was probably an incredibly boring post :)
I would love advice from fellow .com-ers since I am just getting started!

12 responses to “.com

  1. Thanks for linking to our DollarsandRoses.com site!! I never thought in a million years that I could make blogging a full time gig…but it happened…and it’s totally doable! If you have goals and a business plan you can make it happen! Good luck!! I’ll be following!

  2. Welcome to the “.com” world. It’s a good feeling, huh? :)

    Blogging is A LOT of hard work but it can also be a TON of fun. It takes time and patience and finding “your groove”.

    It took me over a year to find it and its been growing ever since.

    Good luck on your journey and let Mandy or I know how we can help. :)

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