My Parent’s Bedroom Makeover | Removing carpet & painting

In this post, I had described how I hoped I was able to get my Tv-stand in my room this week and maybe move some furniture around.  I wasn’t able to do that this weekend because of this… KEEP READING :)

This saturday, my parents woke me up to go to Home Depot to get “project materials”! I work in the flooring department  and I have been dying to get my parents to redo the flooring in our house, so I was very excited. We hopped in the car and then stared at the options for a LONG time.

photo 1Their room is carpeted, even the bathroom.  Very dumb design.  SO, we decided on two materials. Pergo (Alexandria Walnut) for the room, and then tile (16×16 Montagna Lugano) for the connected bathroom.
Over an hour later, we were here…
photo 2 photo 3We contemplated renting vs. buying a tile saw, but decided we have many more rooms to tile down the road and we did not want to rush with this project to get the saw back in time, so having our own will be easier.  Which is a plus for me, so I can borrow it later :)
Another purchase I am super excited about is a paint sprayer.  It is so quick and will make future projects so much easier.  They went with simple colors-Ivory Palace and Mushroom Bisque, both Behr colors (the walls have been white for 15 years) It was definitely time for  a change.
photo 5-5Once we got home and got everything unloaded it was time to rip out carpet! It was the first time I had ever been able to do this, and it was so much easier than I thought it would be.
First, we moved lighter furniture out of the room and then the heavier stuff to one side. My dad made a small cut in the carpet to start and then we just pulled it and rolled it up as we went.  We did this in a few different sections to make carrying it easier.  Then the same with the pad.
Some very messy before shots…
photo 4-1 photo 3-1 photo 5
That is Sadie.  She thinks she is a model and is in lots of pictures.
phoadfasfto 5-1
Ripping up the first corner
photo 1-4_2
photo 4-5_2 photo 3-5_2After you have pulled up the carpet and pad, there are staples leftover from the pad, and the tack strip around the edge from the carpet.  A pry bar easily pulled up all the tack strip and then a flat head screwdriver was able to get the staples up.  Have a vaccum and trash bag handy just to clean up as you go.
The last step before painting was taking up all the old baseboard.  We needed to  anyway for installing the new floor, so we figured we would take it off now and give it a fresh coat of the lighter paint.  It all came up in full pieces!!! FULL pieces. That means we do not have to buy any new moulding unless we change our mind and want new stuff!
Use a utility knife and run it along the top edge of the base board, then take the pry bar again and pop it off.
photo 2-2
photo 4-2
If you plan on reusing it make sure you label it so you know what pieces go where.
photo 3-2
photo 2_2
Painting! We moved all the furniture together and covered it, covered switched and outlets with painters tape, and then my boyfriend covered the windows with plastic sheeting.
photo 4_2
photo 3_2
The sprayer was awesome! It literally only took my dad like 15 minutes to paint the whole room.  I cannot wait to use it in my room next.  (What color do I want?!?! HELP)
photo 3-1_2
photo 5-1
The end of day one!
photo 1-3_2
Next! Day two: Tiling the bathroom!
What are your experiences with prepping a room for new flooring and paint? Was your rip out as easy as ours?! Have you ever used a paint sprayer?! Ours actually leaked and sprayed all over until we tightened some nuts.  Oops :p

Thank you

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