Bedroom | How to: Pergo Laminate Flooring

After we finished tiling the bathroom, my parents immediately moved on to the laminate flooring in the rest of the room.  Let’s just say we were all a little tired of climbing and working around dressers and piles of stuff in the hallway.  The sooner we could get it all back in the room, THE BETTER :)

Again, this is the material we chose to use.  It is Pergo, Alexandria Walnut. 

I was not around much for the installation of this like I was for the tile, but I can tell you they finished the whole room in two days and it is much easier! This flooring had underlayment already attached, so that was one less step. All they had to do was let the material sit in the room for 48-72 hours to acclimate to the house!  This is very important because if this step is skipped, the boards could buckle later or not sit right and look weird.

Here are the first pieces going down.

photo 2Once you get done with the first whole row, you will want to make sure you stagger your boards for a more realistic and just better look.  The tools you will need are a rubber mallet, and then this installation kit we bought at Home Depot. Since this flooring is a click-lock laminate, you just snap them together and use the mallet and pieces in the kit to make sure everything is tight. It is also important to leave a 1/4″ gap around the perimeter of the room to allow for any expansion later on. (Those black things along the wall–they come in the kit)

photo 4-1

photo 2-2When it comes to the end of a row, you will need to probably make cuts.  They used a circular saw and the cuts came out smooth and nice.  To be safe, you could also use painters tape over where you will be cutting. This will prevent any messy edges.  Just have a good saw blade. Also, make sure you cut the right ends of the piece off because they have male-female sides.  If you cut the wrong end they will not secure short side to short side.  (We learned this by cutting the wrong end first, oops)photo 3-1Here is the last piece going in! Since this one had to be cut short side and long side, they used a jig saw to cut long ways. This part can be tricky, but the kit comes with a piece that allows you to grab hold of the ends and use the mallet to make sure it is in there good. photo 4-2Whole room is done! Just need the moulding!! photo 1-3

photo 3-2

I am super jealous now and I want it in my room too :( haha Hopefully, soon.

I still cannot believe they re-did their entire room (painted ceiling & walls, tiled a closet and bathroom, and then installed laminate) all in under a week! What projects have you completed that were quicker then you thought…. or maybe took much longer than you had hoped.  That is always my problem, oh well!

Thank you

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