Weekly Cake Pops- Week 2 | Orange Ombré

First off, I want to say for those Paleo readers, I am sorry there has been steady posts of VERY non-paleo friendly foods lately. I am just mixing things up, and these cake pops are all for customers or friends and family. So, thankfully, I am not stuffing my face with these, and I am sorry if these do not interest you! Maybe just look at how cute they are, share and then come back the next day! I do have some recipes coming up to show you soon. So keep coming back, and thanks for your patience :)

One of my favorite things to do with white or funfetti cake pops is to dye the batter a fun color. Not only does it make a plain or simple cake pop more exciting, but it also is so easy to do. Just make the cake as usual, and then add dye, mix, and bake! (this is one cake split in half)

photo 4

I wish the outsides of the cakes stayed a fun color, but after baking they do always change. Here are the same cakes pictured above, fully cooked.

photo 2-4and then crumbled up. photo 2 photo 1At this point, you just make the cake pops like you normally would. I know this is probably nothing new to many people, however I just love the color and think it is a great tip.

I used these cakes to make orange ombré cake pops for a party. I started out with orange and then added white after each set (in this case, 4 of each shade, 20 total) I went with a more gradual effect to get more shades (I also didn’t have a lot of white candy melt), but to make the color change more apparent just add more white after the first set. I recommend fading to white in that case to allow more shades.photo 2-1

I usually make cake pops where I need a foam board, but this time I decided to leave them upside down. I like the way both look.

I wanted a pastel theme, and added some sprinkles that fit.photo 1-1

photo 2

photo 4Enjoy :)

Thank you

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