Camping | Taylor Park

This past weekend… Bobby, my Sister, and I drove 3 hours to meet my parents at Taylor Park to camp for a night before we started school Monday! We ATV’d, fished, hiked around, and just hung out. The weather was perfect and I had fun. Even with the bugs…

Get ready for a picture heavy post :) If you follow me on instagram, you might have already seen a few of these pictures.

The drive up…

photo 2-1

This is the view of the site we camped at as we drove in. There is our camper on the right

photo 3-5

My parents have camped tons of times in the camper since they bought it last year, but this was my first time. As mentioned in this post, I am not a camper :)

photo 5-7

Right when we got there, we jumped on the ATV and bike. Bobby had never driven an ATV before, so he got the chance to drive me while my Dad took my sister out on the bike.

photo 2-2


photo 4-2

photo 4-5

photo 2-3

A few shots while riding around

photo 3-4


The trail ended up leading to an old mine type structure

photo 4-6

When we got back to camp, we ate and then went fishing! We drove up to Texas Creek, and my Dad, Sister, and Bobby went fishing.

photo 4

My Handsome :)

photo 5-8

photo 1

We tried to keep the dogs under control, while they were fishing.

photo 4-9

Benny played with a teeny fish my Dad caught.

photo 2

photo 3

Once back, we just hung out and did the fire and smore’s thing. photo 5

photo 2-8

The next day, we just drove around to check out the scenery.

This is Mirror Lake

photo 5-1

photo 5-3

photo 5-2

and then Taylor Lake…

photo 5-5

photo 2-4

photo 5-4

photo 4-4

3 responses to “Camping | Taylor Park

  1. Courtney this place looks amazing!! How do you get there?? I’d love to go camping up there with my family when I come home some time! Looks like you had a lot of fun even though you’re not a camper ;)


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