NutriBullet and Juicing + a recipe for my favorite

If any of you follow my instagram, you have seen that I started using the NutriBullet and juicing this past week.  Read more on that in the link above.  My mom wanted to try it because it was on sale and we had a coupon AND I was totally skeptical, BUT I am impressed with how good the drinks taste.   However, it depends on what you put in them, and I have definitely made a few grossssss ones.  All the others, with just fruit and spinach have been great and are very filling.  I am having fun experimenting with flavors.  I also love the recipe guide it came with to get you started.

The first day I attempted three juices and a dinner, but I ended up eating more than planned.  After that, I decided to just have one a day with light meals because I like food too much haha.  However, I do find myself eating less through out the day because I do not feel hungry.  Now,  I eat a yogurt in the morning, a large juice for lunch along with a small snack, then dinner when I get home… plus a few snacks here and there.

Things I noticed after a week were: less bloating, decreased appetite, and I was a little less tired. I do not see this as a great way to lose weight or something I would do constantly, but to cleanse your body and get back on track, I do see the benefit of taking the time to prepare the fruit and veggies.

I would love to hear your juicing stories, as I could use some motivation to get my butt up and moving in other areas, like working out.  Anyone have any tips on making veggie only juices taste better? I can’t get past the I’m drinking a carrot and cucumber thing…  HELP :)

My favorite Juice so far…

Per NutriBullet instructions, I fill half the cup with spinach, then I add some apple, pear, peach, a little cinnamon, protein powder, and cucumber for the other half. 

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