My Favorite Things About October!

It is finally here! I am so excited for this month..Here is why!

1) Tv Channels start showing this baby…Hocus-Pocus

Hocus  Pocus is one of my all time favorite Halloween movies.  I do not care how many times I have seen it, I WILL watch it if it is on.  I even record it every year so it is on my DVR.  To this day, I still think it would be so amazing to be a witch… A good one of course, haha

2) Food Network Challenges- Halloween Themed
Every year they have a few different challenges for Halloween..  I love them! The people are so talented and I am amazed each episode.  Also the Pumpkin Carving challenge is SO crazy. I can barely cut a straight line in a pumpkin, so the sculptures some artists make are beyond impressive.
3)  Anyone know what this is?!
Halloween town! 
I love them all equally,  except the last one… I hate when they replace characters in movies or shows with different actors… Just is not the same.
4) American Horror Story
For the last two years (now three), it has started in October and the show definitely gets me in the halloween/scary spirit.  If you have not seen the other seasons (two total: American Horror Story & American Horror Story: Asylum) WATCH THIS ONE! The seasons are not related so you do not need to have seen them to understand this one.  (I think that is a really cool part about the show) Some actors are in each season, but they play new different characters to follow with the new story line.  The show is so amazing; full of twists, great acting, and great stories.  NOT APPROPRIATE FOR CHILDREN! or some adults! (some episodes are intense) Starts October 9th on Fx.
5) Walking Dead
Another show starting in October that I am Obsessed with! Bobby and I watched all the seasons on Netflix in like a week.  We seriously did not leave the house except to work haha  I recommend watching all the seasons (again, great acting and writing)
and with that said, I should just say I look forward to any Halloween show or movie. haha
6) Costumes 
Of course, Halloween costumes are a major part of why I look forward to October.  I start thinking about what I want to be really early on.  Last year was the first year I made my costume, and I loved wearing it because I made it! In a few weeks I will be posting a TON of different costume ideas and my costume from last year with instructions for pikachu, so make sure you come back and check them out if you need inspiration.
7) Decor
Growing up, trick-or-treating was always more fun when the houses and neighbors got into the holiday.  For me, I cannot wait to start collecting decorations as the years go on and decorate the inside and outside of my future house! I have some posts for easy crafts coming up too! Don’t miss them! :)
8) Corn Mazes, pumpkins, haunted houses
I have mixed feelings about corn mazes… Katie or Lydia might know why haha… however, they are still fun and a great thing to do in October. Anyone in Denver know of a good Haunted Corn Maze?! Pumpkins are one of my favorite parts of October. I think I enjoy carving them more now as an adult then I did as a kid. Probably because I get to force Bobby to do something he hates (but secretly, deep down loves?). Here are ours from last year, it was the first year we decided to just go for it without a template. His was much cooler than mine
photo 5
photo 2-4
 As for Haunted Houses, I love the idea of them, but I am WAY to scared to actually go… maybe this year…
9) Halloween
All of this leads up to HALLOWEEN! Who doesn’t love candy.. really.  I love the holiday even more as an adult than I did as a kid! The only memory I have of trick-or-treating here is that it was always so cold we had to wear layers of coats to even go out… ruined our costumes. boo :( Plus, this year I am  hosting my first Halloween Party! Posts to come for that too.
I am a sucker for anything with a theme, so a whole month dedicated to scary, fun, candy, & decorations is right up my alley.   I cannot wait to share with you guys all the projects this month.

Thank you

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