Halloween Mason Jars | Decorations for under $10

I have been browsing Pinterest for Halloween Decorations the last few weeks because I wanted to start collecting/making stuff for my own place to take with me when I move out and just to add to the house this year.  My mom already has a ton of cute stuff, (I will be showing that in a few days). I came across plenty of  “best halloween decorations” pins, and decided on a few things to make.  Some will be for a Halloween party and some I will be making and showing through out the beginning of October.  Here is the first, and for three cute jars (which can be used in MANY ways) I spent less then $10.

Starting with a plain jar

photo 1

My friend Katie and I turned them into Halloween Jars by making them into ghosts, mummies, frankensteins, and pumpkins! Here are mine…

photo 5

Frankenstein- I used acrylic paint (green, brown, and black) to paint the jar and lid.  It took two coats of each.  Then I just glued on googly eyes and hot glued bolts on.

Mummy- Painted on a light coat of white paint (not necessary) and then used Mod Podge to adhere the gauze on. Then I just glued on googly eyes

Pumpkin- Used Mod Podge to glue orange tissue paper on.  I cut strips out and then stuck them on, overlapping them a little.  Katie brought this cool self-sticking black glitterly foam paper and we used it for the face.  It cut easily with scissors.

AND here they are lit up. (with lights on)

combined lights pic1

and lights off… the frankenstein is not as dark in person.


Katie’s were SO cute too! she made a few more than me and I love how they turned out. I am totally jealous of her mummies!

photo 1-1

We had one major difference.  For her mummies, she used cheese cloth instead of gauze (USE cheesecloth! I loved it!)

Breakdown of price:

  • Jars- $3 ($1 each)
  • Gauze- $3
  • Googly Eyes-$1
  • Paint- I already had all the colors I needed (or buy for 50-99 cents)
  • Black Paper- Katie had and let me borrow some
  • Tissue Paper- I already had (but you can buy it cheap)
  • String Lights- $2.50
  • Total $9.50 plus tax

IF I had not had the product, this project would still have been under $20, which is not bad for three cute, customized Halloween decorations.

Happy crafting!

2 responses to “Halloween Mason Jars | Decorations for under $10

  1. Yay! They turned out so cute! My Frankenstein turned out too dark for lights so I’m thinking about using it to hold candy instead!

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