Halloween Crafts |Spooky Light Fixture for FREE

This can be done with any lights you have in your house.  I decided to use our kitchen light fixture because it will be easy to see… plus it needed to be dusted anyways. haha

So to start, you need:

  • black paper (or dark paper)
  • scissors
  • a pen or pencil
  • scotch tape
  • and of course a clean light fixture.

Cut out as many faces as you need. I had five different sections to my light fixture.

Tape them into the inside of the light (you can always tape to the outside too.  My dad said that the paper would not catch on fire, so mine are on the inside.



Then decorate as you see fit.  I used some fake spider webs and called it good.


This super easy project just adds a bit of fun to the space, and is so simple.


Thank you

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