Halloween Costumes | My Costume Last Year- Pikachu

Alright, I know you have been dying to see this all week! How to make a pikachu costume :)

and I hope the posts this past week have given you inspiration or ideas for your own costume, but for Pikachu, here is what you will need:

  • yellow foam
  • cotton balls or pillow stuffing
  • hot glue gun
  • black and brown paint
  • a headband
  • yellow shirt
  • red face make-up (for cheeks)
  • big piece of cardboard (enough to make the tail)


  1. Cut the yellow foam into two tall triangles (make it as tall as you want the ears to be)
  2. Hot glue the edges together and stuff it with cotton balls
  3. Cover your headband in yellow fabric (if you want) or just leave plain
  4. Then hot glue the ears to your headband.
  5. Paint the tips black

photo 4-7


  1. Cut the shape of his tail out of cardboard
  2. Paint it to match Pikachu’s tail or use foam like I did (and then paint just the brown on)
  3. Cut a hole out of the top and bottom to secure to shirt later

Sorry for the blurry picture (this was with one coat of paint)

photo 3-7


  1. Have a yellow shirt (or whatever you are using for your outfit) and paint two brown ovals on the back

Here is my whole outfit!

photo 5-6

And the whole thing, put together!

photo 5-1

Pikachu and Ash from Pokemon

photo 3-5

photo 3-4

as you can see, I decided not to add the face paint because I was afraid of smearing it

oh, and I cannot forget the nails!

photo 1-1

This is my favorite costume to date, but I think this years might top it!

Come back Monday to see :)

14 responses to “Halloween Costumes | My Costume Last Year- Pikachu

  1. Okay. I’m ne to all things crafty and my 7-year-old is obsessed with Pikachu. You said you attached the tail to the shirt using fishing line. Um, how, please? Did you see it on? Sorry for a maybe silly question.

  2. I’m confused about the yellow foam, where did you purchase it? I love the look of the tail and ears, they’re the best I’ve seen and I’ve been searching all over the Internet, I really want to make these, could you tell me where you got the yellow foam stuff, or what exactly it is? Sorry that might sound like a dumb question but I keep looking at the pictures and I have no idea where to find that material or what exactly it is.

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