Halloween Party!

I hope you all had a great weekend! I have ate more candy in the last two days then I do all year :) As promised, here is the party post, it will be picture heavy! Enjoy!

There was another pink pom pom in the open space on the upper left… darn tape wouldn’t stick.

photo 3-7

I went with Halloween sugar cookies, cake pops, candy, 7 layer dip with a sour cream spider web, pumpkin “puking” out artichoke dip, and a pumpkin veggie dry

photo 3-6

Pumpkin Cooler..cute but impractical, jello shot syringes

photo 4-8

Jello shots with worms, shot glasses with sprinkles for birthday cake shots, and the other side of the sink filled with ice for bottles.

photo 5-8

Dirty Shirley set up… Grenadine with a syringe, cherries, and cute mason jars wrapped in ribbon and straws

photo 1-7

Fake Blood! Recipe: 1 part water to three parts corn syrup, food coloring, then corn starch and/or chocolate syrup for texture.

photo 3-8

Prior to cleaning this bathroom, ignore the mess :)

photo 4-9

AND MY FAVORITE… the photo booth! Some of the props, and one of my amazing friends brought some more stuff too that I did not picture here.

photo 1-9

And the booth, without flash and with.  I wish I had spent more time on this, but it was a throw all the extra stuff on this wall type of thing.



Then using Tide and a Black Light… LOVE this. Put this on the wall outside my front door as you came in the house…


Now, for my costume! Bobby and I were a fire fighter and a dalmatian! I just bought a white shirt and skirt, painted on dots, used a ribbon as my collar, and then used felt I painted spots on for ears and hot glued them  to a headband.  Then I had body paint, os I decided to put on random patches of spots. SUPER easy.

photo 1-5 18-23-58

and a few of the many, hilarious photo booth shots!











Have a great week everyone! Who is ready for trick-or-treaters!!!

Thank you

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