How to Easily Remove Wax from a Candle Jar | Candle Jar Bathroom Accessory




This is a very simple how-to for cleaning out the wax that is always left in the bottom of the candle! Is that annoying to anyone else that 1/4 to 1/2 an inch of wax just sits there…wasted.

Eh, I guess for someone like me who hoards candles, I shouldn’t be so sentimental about it haha. Plus, with this tutorial, you can turn these jars into containers! I love being able to re-use items and re-purposing them for something else!

I have always needed somewhere to put q-tips, cotton balls, or other bathroomy things and now I have just the thing!

Start with your candle! This scent was amazing by the way, very unique, but I loved it.

photo 1


Have some water boiling.

photo 3


Pour into the candle jar.

photo 4


You can see the wax softening and rising to the top.

photo 5

photo 2-1


Here is most of the wax melted and now sitting at the top.

photo 3-1


I forgot to take a picture of it hardened because I was so excited to dump it out. Just imagine the wax at the top, hardened again—easy to remove! If you get anxious and decide to dump it out when still liquid wax, DO  NOT dump it down your sink… cleaning up dried wax all over the drain and disposal sounds like an awful way to spend an afternoon.

Wash the jar with soap and water!


photo 5-1


and I love the top of this candle! Bath and Body works has the best candles! Another part I like is the scent is still there every time I open the jar.

I just stocked up on some fun holiday scents the other day. $5 mason jar candles! WHAAAA?!?!



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