Graduating College

Hello Everyone! Things around here have been a little hectic these past few weeks, but I am finally able to start relaxing.  I have finished up my internship, completed my last undergraduate class, and graduated college this weekend! I am beyond excited.

To make things even better, I was offered a job with my internship.  I will be doing something different then I have the past few months, but can still continue learning and growing with the agency. I have all the hours to apply for my CAC I (certified addiction counselor) license, so I will have a few letters after my name now! Courtney Edwards BS, and CAC I (eventually have LPC) SO EXCITED!

I was able to celebrate the weekend by attending an old friend’s wedding. It was beautiful! The couple was so in love, and it was great to see her so happy.


This is my friend Katie!


and of course, Bobby.  He had to dress up and he looked SO handsome. I want him to dress like that daily now… he was not as excited as I was haha


Then, I had graduation the next day.

Now, I did not want to walk.. I did not want to wait in line, I did not want to have to wear the funny cap and when I told my parents this, they were disappointed.  I knew that this was something they have probably wanted to see my whole live, and I wanted to give them that.  Seeing how proud they were of me was worth every minutes in the hot, heavy gown.  And I got to walk with some great classmates!

and after, we had a great meal and celebrated being done with my bachelors degree.  DONE :)





I should have been holding my Diploma cover in these pictures!! Just pretend I am :)

8 responses to “Graduating College

  1. Congrats Courtney!!! You’ve worked soo hard and you will be an amazing addiction counselor/cake pop designer! :) miss you!!!

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