Christmas & Holiday Cake Pops | 2013

As promised, here are the cake pops I worked on yesterday! I am in love with them.. a few are repeats (but new and improved) from yesterday’s post and some are new this year.  I cannot wait to hand them out to friends and family! Anyone who bakes, knows that is the best part.  I love giving away all the sugar, so I do not eat it all…

I took a few close ups of my favorites and thought I would share how I made them as well… enjoy!




Every year, I have wanted to make santa, but I thought I would mess it up. This year I took the chance, and I am happy with how they turned out! I started by dipping a pop in a pale flesh tone color, (I made by combing orange and white candy melt) and let it dry, then dipped the top part in red for his hat.  I melted white, and scooped some into a zip lock baggy.  I cut a small hole at the bottom and did the rim for the hat, quickly added sprinkles, then finished up by adding the beard.  When the first coat of the beard dried, I went back and added spots for dimension. Do not forget the little mustache, and then the same flesh tone for a nose.  I used edible markers for the pink cheeks, mouth, and eyes. And lastly, Santa’s hat needs a white puffy ball..  Their mustaches crack me up haha


These trees are another I had seen around Pinterest and the internet the last few years, but just never tried.  To make these Christmas Trees, shape the cake into cones.  I then dipped in green and used a tooth pick while candy melt was still wet and dabbed along the whole thing to make it look more realistic.  Do this quickly so the ornament sprinkles have something to stick too.  For the stars, you can either have star sprinkles OR melt down yellow candy melt, lay it out on parchment paper, and when dry use a star cookie cutter to get the shape… be patient with this, the candy melt breaks EASILY.. You can add garland if you want using candy melt and sprinkles, but I was feeling lazy by the end and left them as is.


Snowmen are one of my mom’s favorites, so I have made some every year and just change them up a bit.  I shaped the cake into a peanut shape, with one end being smaller then the other, and dipped it in white.  When the candy melt was still wet, add whatever you are using for your ear muffs (I used M&M’s and licorice) and the nose.  Then once the cake pop has dried, I added the scarf using these Airheads sour candy things I found at Walgreens. Finish off with a face! I did forget arms :( oops


Probably the easiest to make, and one of the cutest, were these drizzly trees.  I just put green candy melt in a baggy and drizzled it on in the shape of a tree.  Added some sprinkles for fun.


I have made reindeer before, and they are so easy.  Dip the cake pop in chocolate candy melt, add the pretzel antlers, and the M&M.  This year, I had all Rudolphs. Finish off with the eyes and smile. I did break the pretzels off at the top so they would be smaller and give it a more realistic antler look.

Some of the other Christmas designs I made are: Gingerbread men, Gingerbread House, Green/Red glitter (picture doesn’t show glitter well), and plain old sprinkles.

Hope these inspired you to make some of your own! If not, place an order with me at the end of this post! Great Holiday Gifts!!!



Happy Holidays!

Thank you

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