2013 Recap!

Better late than never!  I have finally gathered up the top 5 posts in a few different categories, and I just wanted to say thank you to EVERYONE that has ever visited and/or pinned.  You are all amazing.  I cannot wait to see what this year brings and share it all with you guys.

I have a few goals for the blog this year.  I am going to post  more day-to-day stuff (I am pretty boring), however, I realized some of my favorite blogs to read have many random posts and I just want to have a more personable/get to know me feel.  I also hope to have more crafts/projects on the blog because I enjoy that the most.  I also REALLY want to get a nice camera and learn how to take some decent pictures for you all. Eventually, I want this site to be self-hosted (instead of using wordpress) so learning more about blogging and the computery (that is a word :p) side of it; coding and all that “fun” stuff will be helpful.  There are so many options when it comes to blogging and I want to make it fancier in this next year. Any help/advice with that is welcome :)

Now lets take a look back at 2013! Just click the link to go to the page.

Top Five Paleo Recipes:

1) Paleo Pancakes

2) Paleo Zucchini Lasagna

3) Paleo Pizza

4) Paleo Snickerdoodles

5) Paleo Taco/Burritos

Top Five Cake Pop Posts: 

1)  Footballs

2) Valentine’s Day 

3) Pineapple Upside Down 

4) Tinkerbell

5) Beach/Ocean Themed

Top Five Crafts/Projects:

1) Halloween Bat Wall

2) DIY headboard

3) TV Stand process

4) Halloween Spooky Light Fixture

5) Installing Tile and Laminate Flooring

Thank you all again! When I started this blog I really figured no one would ever look at it, but for my first year, with over 185,000 views (which is nothing compared to real blogs, but awesome for me) I am shocked and so thankful.

What are your goals for this next year?! Besides blogging goals, personal goals of mine are: 1) Finding acceptance in the fact that things will not always go the way I want/planned and that is okay, 2) Not sweat the small stuff as much, or over think everything,  3) Living a healthy lifestyle, 4) Moving out by the end of this year, and 5) Growing as a person, and growing in my relationship with Bobby

Thank you

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