Cake Pops | Owls

Hope you are all having a great week! I went and got a bunch of craft supplies yesterday after work and I am just waiting for the weather to get warmer to start some of them… that might not be until May at the rate it’s going. I HATE THE COLD.  I could totally just skip right over winter and not miss it one bit.

My most loyal customers asked for a cake pop order for her Grand Daughter’s 1st Birthday this weekend! She requested owls and I was so excited! I have always wanted to make owls, but never had a reason to.  Plus, I used a color combination on the rest that remind me of summer and watermelon.

Here they are!



I just love the little flowers and bows on the owls, makes them a little more girly.

IMG_0689For the owls, I just dipped them in white first, then each side at an angle into chocolate.  The bows/flowers, feet, and nose are sprinkles and then the eyes are molding dough and edible pen. On the tummy, I just piped on some white for texture.  I would love to make these again, but with fun colors.. anyone need some?! haha

OH, I also did the marbling technique for the first time in FOREVER! The first time I failed miserably, but these ones turned out great.

Order some below if you live in the Littleton/Denver Area.

Come back soon! I have a ton of crafts coming up, weather permitting of course. :)

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