Paleo Turkey Burger | Using Pineapple as the Bun

Bobby likes to tag me in pictures on instagram of recipes he thinks looks good.  It is a not so subtle hint to cook him stuff.  I decided to surprise him with one of the recipes… well kind of surprise.  He actually guessed right away and I smiled funny so he knew that was it. oh well. He was happy regardless.

The picture he tagged me in was of a burger, with pineapple slices in place of the bun. I used turkey burger instead, and added a few other things… I cannot get instagram to cooperate to show you the original post. :(

anyway, here is what we had: turkey burger, guacamole, roasted bell peppers, bacon, pineapple, and fruit salad.

turkey burger with pineapple

despite the fact that it looked odd and had to be eaten with a fork, it was delicious.

turkey burger with pineapple

turkey burger with pineapple

Thank you

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