Paleo French Toast | using Banana Bread

My parents were talking about having french toast for breakfast this past weekend, and I have been trying to eat on the healthier side, so I decided to make some more paleo banana bread and use that for french toast bread instead of texas toast.  This way I still get to enjoy one of my favorite breakfast foods, and do not have to feel any guilt about it.

Check out the link above for the recipe! This time I used a normal sized loaf pan instead of the mini loaf pan.  This version was baked at the same temperature, but for 30-35 minutes.

photo 3-1

I made it the day before so it could cool over night

I prepped the egg mixture– I used one egg, and poured enough almond milk that the bread would be covered when dunked in (Note: the bread is already very moist/dense, so I barely covered the bread in the mix)

photo 5

and cooked them using a griddle set to 350 degrees.  It took about 1-2 minutes per side.

photo 1-2

photo 2-2

EAT! You could top with berries, or berry syrup (like used with this recipe), pure maple syrup, honey, etc.  I used a little cinnamon and that was all.  The bread has a great flavor on its own. & of course, bacon.

photo 4

Enjoy :)

Thank you

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