Mini Cake Pops | Valentine’s Day

Firstly, ITS MY BIRTHDAY! We are going to celebrate this weekend, and I am so excited.  23 will be a fun year, full of new opportunities and experiences. 22 was awesome…I graduated college, got a big girl job, started this blog, went on an awesome vacation, my cake pop business GREW like crazy, I learned a lot about myself and my relationships, and was happy with my life! If you are interested, here is a recap of last year’s birthday fun. 

ANYWAY, Holiday cake pops are my favorite! Here is last year’s valentine’s day pops.  Check out the link for more details…

photo 5-1

Last year, Bakerella made mini cake pops around valentine’s day and I loved them.  They were so simple, yet the way they were displayed was fun and bright.  I decided to try it out this year. She made a few more cakes then I did, which is more work than I felt up to.  However,  even with one cake mine still turned out cute and I will have MINI ways to share my love this year.  bahaha

Here they are!

photo 2


photo 2-3

photo 4-1I used tooth picks for the sticksphoto 5-2

photo 2-2Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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