3rd and 4th of July! + BBQ themed cakepops

This past weekend reminded me how lucky I am to be working where I do.  I love paid holidays, and three day weekends! Every week should be like this :)  However,  for those of you that had to work, I hope you were able to get to a BBQ, or a pool, or get drunk and play with fireworks :)

Bobby and I spent Thursday night at Clement.  I think the fireworks were much better than last year OR I was just happy that we did not wait in traffic for an hour trying to leave like we did last year.  Overall, it was a success.  Plus, I got to meet some new people, which is always fun!

Here’s a few iphone quality fireworks pictures from the show.  I got tired of trying to get pictures so this is the very beginning, and not the finale.

fireworks collage

We relaxed during the day on Friday.  I was indecisive like always and could not decide what I wanted to do that night.  I was thinking about heading downtown to see the Rockies fireworks, or we could just hang out somewhere in town and see fireworks….  I was hoping the rain would cooperate.  In the end, I was lazy and full and just wanted to hang out at home.  I’m boring. We bought some fireworks and lit them out front.  We went so late, they were giving stuff away for free, which was nice!  They gave us two fountains, that seemed to last forever.

photo 5

The rest of the night was spent comforting my dogs.  I tried to drug Sadie, but the remedy stuff for pets did not last long.  Poor thing was a mess… and annoying.  Does that make me a bad dog owner?!  You could say she wore herself out… hiding from fireworks takes a lot of work.


I should have posted these cake pops prior to the holiday, but it did not happen.  Better late than never…



I also baked a few things this weekend.  My friend Katie wants to do the whole30 challenge (I think it is a challenge?!), where you eat only whole,  healthy foods, meals, etc. for 30 days.  It seems like a good way to stay focused on eating healthy/paleo for awhile.  I already went shopping for dinner this week.  That is always the hardest meal for me.  We prep our lunches, snacks for the week on Sundays, but dinners are just left out.  SO, I eat pizza :)

He is the coolest :) Just love him too much photo 2-1

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