House and a Puppy | the last month

Everything happened so quick. Once we decided to get serious about looking for a house, we found one and were under contract in a week! The market here is CRAZY, and good houses are going so fast. So I felt very lucky that it all went so smoothly.

Here it is…



I can’t wait to show you all what we do with our first home!  There are so many plans.  Bobby cannot wait to do stuff to the garage, and I have so many ideas for the yard and inside.

We are also getting our first puppy.  She was born 9-8-14, and is a red doberman.  We went to see the litter when she was three weeks, and they were SO little still and could barely walk.  We are both so excited for all the changes.  The pictures below are her at three and four weeks old. We are naming her Bora.

adfShe was the only red in her litter.  Look how big the boy in the middle is!FullSizeRender



Keep coming back for more house and puppy updates! :)

Thank you

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