Cake Pops | Minions

I am surprised I have not been asked to make Minion cake pops before, seeing as how popular these little guys are.  They are pretty cute! I am even somewhat embarrassed to say I have not seen any of the Despicable me movies or the new Minion movie.  I am sure I will someday, and then I will understand.

These might be my favorite cake pops I have made to date, and that is saying a lot because I have liked most of them.  They looked so much like the characters and I love cake pops with lots of details, and man did these have details.

I followed Bakerella’s directions for most of the cake pop, but made a few tweaks.

The main difference was the goggle strap.  I used black molding chocolate instead of black licorice.  Not everyone likes, well no one really likes, black licorice so I figured this would be a better choice and it did not require me to buy anything else.

I am so thankful for the opportunity to make these :)

Take a look at the final product below…




Have you guys seen the movies?  Am I completely missing out on something?  Let me know :)

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